Zucchini Pikelet recipe

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These little pikelets are so delicious, Ruben honestly inhales them one after the other. They are great for snacks on the run. A great friend of mine let me know that she stores a few pikelets in ziplock bag in the freezer and grabs one on the way out the door, they defrost before you have arrived at your destination, too easy! I keep a few of these in the fridge and use them like bread for myself. I love tuna on them for lunch.

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Zucchini Pikelets

Zucchini Pikelets

By February 10, 2013

These Pikelets are secretly super healthy but adored by the kids as snacks on the run. They are also crumb free, sticky finger free and stain free. For for a sophisticated Mummy lunch pop your favourite filling on top

Prep Time : 5 minutes. Cook Time : 25 minutes Yield : 12 Allergens : , ,

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  • Place your non stick pan on to heat up on medium heat
  • Add all ingredients to a High Powered Food Processor / Blender / Stab mixer, Thermomix, Thermochef or Bellini and combine on fast speed until the Zucchini has formed a green soup, I told you this was easy!
  • No need to oil your pan as the mixture has enough butter in it to prevent sticking
  • Pour mixture into pan (approx 2 Tablespoons at a time)
  • Wait about 1 minute until the pikelet has bubbles forming and is starting to set
  • Flip over for about 20 seconds then remove from pan
  • Repeat until the mixture runs out
  • Eat straight away or store in fridge or freeze in ziplock bags for take out snacks on the run
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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For more Sugar Free Kids recipes grab the I Quit Sugar Kids cookbook, it is amazing! Click here to view more details

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14 Responses to Zucchini Pikelet recipe

  1. Samantha

    Hi Sha! Love your blog. We’ll definitely be trying some of your recipes. (Just a heads up, barley flour isn’t gluten free.) x

  2. Sha

    Thank you Sam, all amended, if you do need gluten free another flour could be substituted. I’m glad you love the site xox

  3. Fiona Simmons

    Lachlan inhaled them too! Such a quick, healthy and easy recipe – thanks Sha. I want to give them 5 stars but can’t work out how to do it.
    And I used wholemeal spelt flour (as i didn’t have any barley flour). Not gluten-free either but better than white wheat flour!
    Keep the recipes coming – we are loving them.xx

    • Sha

      Thanks! That is great news xox

  4. Fiona

    Hi Sha. Just tried your pikelet recipe with pumpkin. Another win! Thanks xx

    • Sha

      Wow. Was the pumpkin precooked? Sounds delicious!

  5. Glennyth

    Just want to know what other flour to use instead of barley?

    • Sha

      Almost any flour will work. Try plain flour or buckwheat or chick pea flour

  6. Prue

    Hi Sha, do you think Coconut flour or Almond meal would work in place of flour in this recipe? Thanks x

    • Sha

      Hi Prue. All flour works well but not coconut flour sorry as it works very differently from others. Chickpea flour, buckwheat flour, almond meal etc will be great. You may need to add a little more if the mix is too runny or more liquid if too thick. Enjoy xox

  7. Prue

    Great thanks so much! and thanks for the super fast response too! x

  8. Anne

    Kids loved them!! Sprinkled with Braggs and the 3 of them ate the whole batch! 🙂 thanks!!

  9. Nikki

    Hi Sha, my son just had 2 for dinner with peas! Wondering if you can keep the mixture in the fridge?

    • Sugar Free Kids
      Sugar Free Kids

      Hi Nikki. I tend not to leave the mixture due to the eggs, however the cooked pikelets can stay in the fridge for a few days. I hope you have the energy to cook up the rest tonight. I’m about to make a batch myself. I use 2 pans to get it done faster. If you do choose to keep the mix in the fridge please make sure it’s well covered and used tomorrow. Enjoy!

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