Why Sugar Free?

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Thank you to my gorgeous family and friends for inspiring me to put my much loved recipes online. Thank you to also the amazing Foodie and Mummie blogging community for your support and enthusiasm.

Ruben is 2 years old and we have a busy toddler social life at activities around Richmond, Melbourne. What a fabulous group of Mums and Bubs we get to see everyday for singing, dancing, climbing, sliding and always snacking… Ruben and I never leave the house without a full snack bag of healthy treats.

Ruben loves to cook almost as much as I do, if he is not in his play kitchen, most likely he is in mine, helping measure, pour, stir and lick the spoon of course. I never use any sugars in my foods, there is no need for it, especially when I can offer you easy recipes of yummy food that is sugar free. You will see that I sweeten my yummy treats with fruit, vegetables or stevia.

There are so many reasons why I am so focused on eating sugar free and bringing Ruben up this way, there is a lot of research to support sugar free as the optimal eating plan, but my main drive is very personal. Even many of my close friends reading this may be very surprised to know I have been an insulin dependant diabetic since I was 9 years old, I live a completely normal life because I’m careful in my food choices. I have grown up avoiding sugary foods, I know the fatigue, mood swings and health issues eating sugar can cause.

My Mum had to be innovative with her cooking creations to ensure I still had delicious foods that did not cause havoc on my sugar levels, I learnt a lot through her fun recipes.

In Australia it is difficult to purchase snack items that are healthy but with my easy recipes, anyone of you will find cooking super easy, economical and so satisfying that I’m sure it will be a preference to cook with me rather than buy kids treats at the shops.

Enjoy and let me know how you and your kids like my snacks, above are some photos of Ruben and I on our adventures.




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19 Responses to Why Sugar Free?

  1. Brian Roberman

    Sha, this is a fantastic achievement & a wonderful innovative adventure.
    Have you checked with potential funding bodies such as Diabetes Australia, The Melbourne & Monash Children’s Hospitals, The Health Department of Victoria, etc?
    Good luck,
    Brian XX

    • Sha

      Thank you so much Brian. I would be interested but have not had any discussions as yet.

  2. Glenda

    Hi Sha
    Think your website is brilliant and that you are amazingly clever to have put it together all by yourself. What a super idea. A friend of ours only fed her son natural sweet things e.g. from fruit and natural juices. He grew up not craving sweet things like most of us do. Wish I was like that! Good luck, Glenda & Doug

    • Sha

      Thank you Glenda xox

  3. Vicky Premkumar

    This is a great website Sha! Well done you! We had the zucchini pikelets at Meneka’s this weekend and i am going to make a batch for home. Yum

    • Sha

      Thanks Vicky! That is excellent xox

  4. Marie

    This is a Great website, I’m so glad I found it! I’m from Scandinavia and I grew up with a very healthy lifestyle. I’m trying to give the same for my children, but I find it really hard, as we are surrounded by so many unhealthy families. And as you say, it’s hard to find healthy snacks in Australia.
    I have found that the more healthier me and my family gets, the more I inspire my friends to get healthy too.
    Keep it up! :)

  5. el

    Love your website- So great that you combine sugar free and wheat free! Really appreciate you posting your recipes!

  6. Annie

    Sha, thank you so much from here in Ontario, Canada. I have a 3 yr old that within 15 mins of having a sweet goes absolutely crazy….you actually see the moment the sugar kicks in on his face. I’ve been so frustrated trying to find recipes for treats so that he gets to enjoy something special….and I don’t feel like I’m depriving him. Growing up there were always tons of sweets and treats in our home….and when our own children were small I did all my own baking. Then as we became empty nesters, we became more aware of our choices and I literally stopped baking….no brownies, cookies, pies you name it. Now we have this adorable grandbaby and our life is turned upside down. Thank you for putting these amazing recipes on a website so easy to navigate thru! Looking forward to a new and happier, healthier relationship with my kitchen again baking healthier treats for my loved ones!

    • Sha

      Hello Annie. That is so very sweet of you. Thank you xoxSha

  7. Faith Budworth

    OMG! I made your cookies last night: the ones with dates, almonds, orange juice, coconut oil, dessicated coconut etc and they turned out perfect! the smell of them while they were baking made the whole household come out and see what was happening in the kitchen! lol I’ve packed 2x biscuits for my morning tea to have at my desk at work with a cup of tea. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I am so loving this sugar-free thing!

    • Sha

      oh Faith that is so very very sweet, thanks for your message

  8. Chantelle

    I just found your website today and I am very excited to try your sugar free recipes. My son has behavioural issues – most would call it ADHD, but labels bother me, as I don’t see his problem as a disorder, more of a self control impairment- and we discovered last year that the biggest culprit for his mood swings and lash outs was refined sugar. In Canada it is so hard to find sugar free or natural sugar goodies for my kids, so I have taken to making my own treats. Problem is that 90% of North America has remained blind to the problems refined sugar causes, and it is so hard to find recipes to account for sugar intolerances. A big thanks to you and I hope people take a cue from you go sugar free!

    • Sha

      Thank you very much

  9. Deb

    Hey Sha!

    Awesome website! I have just finished reading “Sweet Poison” and “I Quit Sugar” and have also witnessed the slow deterioration of a close relative with Type 2 diabetes. So I decided to give up sugar and have managed to get the whole family on board, including my sugar-holic 8-yr old!

    We are LOVING your recipes and the kids are stoked that we can still have icecream, lollies, marshmallow and bickies! I’m a bit of a cheesecake fiend and am looking forward to trying out your amazing cheesecake recipe. Thank you so much for setting up this site – I’ll be recommending it to all of my friends. :)

    • Sha

      Thank you so much!!!

  10. Fiona

    Hi Sha,
    I love your website and recipes and the work you are doing to spread the word about reducing sugar in kids diets. I would very much appreciate if you could contact me regarding using your recipes in another concept for reaching mothers and teaching them about kids health.

  11. Claudio Rosa

    Hello Sha,
    Thank you for the amazing contribution that Sugarfree makes encouraging healthier diets to all of us!
    Please could you let me know if you give me the permission to include one of your recipes in a recipe booklet that I am design for my daughter’s school ?
    If yes I would put sugar free credit alongside with your recipe.
    Thank you for your time:)

  12. Marian

    Dear Sha,
    I Just want to say a huge thank you. I have been focusing on cutting sugar out of my diet as much as I Can and today wanted to see how I could do the same for my children and still provide them with healthy snacks for school. I was often frustrated with the healthy sugar free snacks I could make as most would contain nuts, therefore not school friendly. I have spent all afternoon looking at your recipes and am so impressed and excited..not just by how delicious they look but by the alternatives that you give as well. You really have done something special by sharing so much so generously. Thank you.

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