Snappy Miso Greens

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This is something that I love to eat and mostly our kids love to eat what we are munching on, so I make it as a snack for Ruben too. The vibrant green colour of the vegetables is fun and before they turn their noses up at the taste of veggies, the salty miso flavour has got them wanting more!

Use any vegetables that are in season, please keep them a little crunchy, soggy veggies don’t taste as good and you  the bright colour and some nutrients.

Miso is a great source of protein, I always have a tub of it in my fridge. It is available everywhere these days, but my local Japanese store has an amazing fresh selection available, I choose an organic white miso. We use it for all sorts of recipes. Of course as a simple miso soup, as a stock, in a marinade for fish or scraped on toast instead of Vegemite.

Snappy Miso Greens

Snappy Miso Greens

By February 28, 2013

Kids love the colour green but they learn fast that it is not their favourite flavour. This tasty snack will change their minds. Greens are fun and vibrant, they are excellent for snacks, not just a side dish to a meal.

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 10 minutes Yield : 4 small serves Allergens : , , , , ,

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  • Heat a small pot to medium hot (non stick if possible)
  • Sprinkle Sesame Seeds in and gently stir
  • Keep stirring and keep a close eye on the sesame seeds as they will toast quickly
  • Once gently brown remove from pot and place into a large salad bowl
  • Add water to the pot to cook the Veg
  • While the water is heating up, top and tale the Sugar Snap Peas and Green Beans
  • Cut them into bite sized pieces and set aside
  • Cut the Cucumber into bite sized pieces and place in the salad bowl with the Sesame seeds
  • Once the water is boiling drop in all of the Sugar Snap Peas and Beans, after about 1 minute you will see the colour has slightly changed and they also look soft, they are ready!
  • Pour into a strainer and rinse with cold water to prevent further cooking
  • Place into the salad bowl with other ingredients
  • Now for the dressing, in the same pot, reduce heat to low and add the miso paste, stir around for a few seconds
  • Add the Apple Cider Vinegar, mix together well and pour onto the salad
  • Add a handful of frozen peas (no need to cook, yummy frozen or very cold)
  • Combine and Serve
  • If your child is hesitant to eat, at least you have a yummy, very healthy snack to eat and they will be encouraged by your eating it anyway, try again another time
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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