Sheep Milk Labna Recipe

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This creamy creation is the foundation for the delicious frosting on our cupcakes plus so much more.

My Mum has been making this recipe for years and taught it to me 7 years ago, she always has Labna being prepared in her fridge as it is so versatile and yummy, she uses greek yoghurt, I love the Sheep milk yoghurt for this recipe as it is easier to digest in little tummies. Essentially Labna is separating the curds and the whey from natural yogurt.

The curds are the Labna, it is very thick and creamy, no longer sour nor runny, perfect for

  1. Making a dip with pesto
  2. Serving as soft cheese
  3. Spreading on sandwiches
  4. Mixing into recipes like a mild soft cheese
  5. Mixed with fruit for a frosting on cakes

This is used in the Sugar Free Cupcakes you may be dreaming of, it is also used in my up and coming recipes of Mermaid Jewellery boxes and Pirates Treasure chests.

My Mum doesn’t always use the whey, but please do! Google ‘uses for whey’, you may be surprised! I love to add it to my Bolognese like a stock, soak my nuts and pulses in it and preserve my home made ketchup too. Lacto fermentation is a very popular use (think sauerkraut or kim chi).

I’m sure you will love having Labna on hand, make some!

You will need some cheesecloth or a baby muslin to strain to yoghurt.

Mermaids Jewellery Boxes with LabnaLabna and raspberriesRaspberry CupcakesFresh Sheep Milk LabnaSheep Milk Labna preparationSheep Milk Labna with paprika and sesame

Creamy thick Sheep Milk Labna

By March 20, 2013

This creamy creation is the foundation for the delicious frosting on our cupcakes, the cheesecake mix plus so much more

Prep Time : 5 minutes. Cook Time : 24hours minutes Yield : 1.5 cups Allergens : , , , ,

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  • Place some Cheesecloth or muslin over a jug doubled over (2 layers)
  • Punch a bowl shape into the cloth where the yoghurt will sit to strain
  • Secure cloth with a rubber band to the jug with all parts of jug covered by cloth
  • Empty your entire pot of yogurt (at least 500ml) into the cheesecloth
  • You will see liquid (whey) start to run through the cloth
  • Leave out of fridge for an hour or so
  • Cover jug with a saucer and place in fridge for about 24 hours (12-72 hours)
  • You will see about 150 - 250 ml of liquid per 500ml yoghurt at the bottom of the jug, this is whey, it has many amazing uses, see above. Store whey in a bottle in the fridge until you need it, it keeps for weeks
  • The Labna is now a firm ball inside your cheesecloth, enjoy the creamy soft cheese on many sweet or savoury recipes
  1. Cheesecake
  2. Making a dip with pesto
  3. Serving as soft cheese
  4. Spreading on sandwiches
  5. Mixing into recipes like a mild soft cheese
  6. Mixed with fruit for a frosting on cakes or cupcakes
  • It will need to be stored in an airtight container in the fridge and will keep for about 5 days
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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  4. Julie Beresford

    it was very hard to read your recipe for labna would appreciate a clearer copy if possible it sounded real interesting but had a hard time trying to read it.Thanks Julie

    • Sha

      Hi Julie. I believe the font can be tricky to read if you are using an older version of your Internet browser. If you could try to update the version of Internet Explorer or Firefox or Chrome or Safari… Whichever you are using. Really hope this helps with many other things too!

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