Pink Love Heart Beetroot Pancake recipe

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This recipe is the most difficult one you will find on this site as it does take a tiny bit of creativity or artistic ability… You actually draw the pancake batter onto the pan in the shape of a love heart. My first attempts were unrecognisable, but it is always fun to eat the mistakes and I soon got the hang of it! If you have the patience for this fun recipe, it is rewarding, the pancakes look fabulous and the 10 toddlers devoured them all. If you do master my pancakes, you will find all my other recipes to be a walk in the park!

Pink Love Heart Beetroot Pancakes Pink Love Heart Beetroot Pancakes Draw your mixture into the pan with a squeezy bottle

A Savoury Valentine's Day Recipe

By February 10, 2013

These look so appealing, the kids don't even know they are eating vegetables

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 25 minutes Yield : 50 Allergens : , , ,

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  • Boil the whole Beetroot with its skin on, just leave it as bought. It will need about 45 minutes until the flesh feels softer and the skin loosens
  • Once boiled, cool down in cold water then rub the skin off with your hands - so easy and far less messy than peeling before hand
  • Chop the cooked, peeled beetroot and place in Food processor / Thermomix / Thermochef / Bellini
  • Add the egg and yogurt then combine on high speed for 30 seconds or so until you have a pink soup!
  • Add the flour and combine further
  • Now for the trick! You will need to decant the mixture into a squeezy bottle (tomato sauce / mustard / ketchup bottle: as pictured) which will act as a 'paint brush' for you to paint the love heart shapes directly onto the pan
  • Put your frypan on to heat up to medium hot
  • Place some butter or oil in the hot frypan and begin to draw your love heart shapes. It may be tricky at first, but keep drawing and very soon you will get there (or just stick to circles if it is not working out!) In any case, the first few mistakes still taste great as samples of your work
  • You should leave the batter in the pan for about 1 minute until it starts to set, then flip for a further 20 seconds or so on the other side
  • I chose to do very small ones for tiny fingers, they took a while to make so many, but they were loved and there were plenty for all of the 10 fussy toddlers
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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