Pear & Cashew Bars

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This delicious and extremely easy Muesli Bar recipe is for a friend of mine whose baby needs to eat Egg Free treats. I usually use tinned Pear but in the summer please feel free to stew fresh Pears in water until soft.

Pear & Cashew Bars

Pear & Cashew Bars

By February 20, 2013

Coconut, Cashew & Pear is a scrumptious combination. This muesli bar recipe is very easy and healthy enough to offer a fussy baby for breakfast on the run

Prep Time : 5 minutes. Cook Time : 01h 15min Yield : 32 Allergens : , , ,

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  • Preheat Oven to 125 degrees celcius
  • Line a baking tray with greaseproof paper
  • Simply add all of the 6 ingredients in your food processor / Thermomix / Thermochef / Bellini or even use a stab mixer
  • Combine on medium high until the Cashews have formed a paste with the remaining ingredients
  • With a spatula or even with your hand, spread the mixture over your lined baking tray unitl about 1/2cm thick, it does not need to fill the whole tray, better to keep the thickness even than to spread the mixture out too thin - spreading the mix evenly is the hardest part of this recipe!
  • Bake in the oven for about 1 hour 15 minutes untl golden brown and slightly firm to touch
  • Make sure the slice is cooled completely before you cut it, then using a sharp knife cut to desired size for your little one
  • Store in an air tight container in the fridge, I always have a small air tight container with a few bars in it ready to grab on my way out the door
  • xoxEnjoy
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10 Responses to Pear & Cashew Bars

  1. Lucinda Risley

    Just finished my first batch! This is coming from someone who doesn’t cook… my inspiration? A need to provide my children with interesting food that doesn’t contain sugar and seed oils – which virtually rules out store bought food. Think it’s a good recipe, but I am going to tweak a bit next time. Only give it a short pulse on the blender (magi mix) to leave some more chunky texture. Thanks for posting!

    • Sha

      Thanks Lucinda, I’m sure your tweeks will be great too!

  2. Rennie

    This sounds delicious – but I don’t have rice syrup – any suggested replacements? Thanks!

    • Sha

      Hi Rennie. Rice Syrup is like a fructose free, toffee tasting honey. I don’t use honey or maple syrup but a good quality one would have the same effect in this slice, just with extra natural sugars

  3. Trixie

    I’m just about to try these! I often make healthy muesli bars and have a tip to offer on how to spread the mix out easily. Use a sheet of baking paper double the size you really need. Tip the mix in the middle and fold the baking paper over the mix. Using your hands on top of the baking paper, smooth out the mix, lifting the other sides of the paper to make all the edges square.

    • Sha

      Thanks Trixie

  4. Alicia

    The coconut oil taste was too strong for us. Do you thing butter would be alright for next time or could you suggest another oil?

    • Sha

      Hello Alicia – sorry to hear this, the good news is that macadamia oil or butter will be great substitutes in this recipe, also I have found that different brands of coconut oil are really so different in taste. I really like Nuigini Raw coconut oil, it can be quite good value too as I buy it in a 1 L pretty Mason Jar when my local health food store has a super Saturday with 15% off (many do this, check out your local).

  5. Nikki

    Looks like a good recipe. I just received lots of pears and I can’t eat them so I want to bake some for the kids lunch boxes. Our school is nut free – have you tried replacing the cashews with something else?

  6. Kim

    When your recipes say coconut oil eg 1/2 cup is this the hard form or melted? Thanks
    PS I have just found this site and love it already! I love that you give alternatives for ingredients as I am in nz and haven’t heard of some of these. It makes it so easy thank you so very much!

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