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4 Responses to Contact Us

  1. Kristy

    I can’t seem to see any recipes on your website? Do I need to buy them?

    • Sugar Free Kids
      Sugar Free Kids

      So sorry. My site is going through an upgrade so it isn’t functioning well for now. Don’t worry will be fixed soon and all recipes are free

  2. Carol-Ann

    Hi Sha

    I’m in South Africa and just seen your website through Dani Stevens. I am also following you on Instagram now for your wonderful recipes. What is Natvia?

  3. Natalie Jeffrey

    Hi there,
    Thank you for such great inspiration regarding a sugar free diet! Our family has embarked on the journey, and it’s been an adventure trying different sugar free snacks. I just have a question regarding stevia, nat via etc. whenever I cook with it, my daughter always gets an upset stomach and sometimes throws up. I have tried a number of times in the past with different recipes and the result is always the same. Is this something others have found.???Or maybe my daughter is just super sensitive to it??? ( the rest of our family is fine)
    (Mum to three gorgeous girls)

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