Best ever Carrot Cake recipe

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This Carrot cake recipe is DELICIOUS, hard to believe it is good for you! So moist, fluffy and light, it is Gluten Free, Grain Free and Sugar Free of course, this really is our best recipe to date, it’s the best Carrot cake ever.

My husband’s best compliment is usually ‘it’s not bad’ so when he said thatthis cake is really good, is it Sugar Free? That is like getting an A++

This is a very large cake, you can easily half the recipe and bake in a loaf pan.

For more Sugar Free Kids recipes grab the I Quit Sugar Kids cookbook, it is amazing! Click here to view more details

Carrot CakeCarrot Cake

Carrot Cake

By May 29, 2013

Truly the best Carrot Cake recipe ever! It is good for you, I promise, it's as healthy as it is yummy!

Prep Time : 10 minutes. Cook Time : 01h 40min Yield : 1 large cake Allergens : , , , , ,

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  • Preheat oven to 17oC non fan forced and line and grease your spring form cake pan (if you are making a half mix, use a loaf pan)
  • If you have Almond and Walnut meal, skip this step. If you have whole nuts, place them in your food processor and pulse until they are a fine flour, then set aside
  • Peel and top-and-tail your carrots (now about 450g), roughly chop then pulse in your food processor until small, fine pieces remain
  • Add all cake ingredients to your food processor and mix on medium until the batter is well combined
  • Pour into prepared cake tin and bake for about 1 hour 40 minutes, check with a toothpick, it should come out clean, you may need longer, perhaps cover loosely with foil if it is looking too brown on top
  • While the cake is baking prepare your frosting by mixing all ingredients with an electric beater until combined and fluffy, then leave in fridge. If you are dairy free, I have a cashew frosting recipe you may wish to try
  • Once the cake is completely cooled down you can spread your frosting over it and sprinkle with toasted coconut if you desire
  • Keep covered in fridge for 5 days
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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For more Sugar Free Kids recipes grab the I Quit Sugar Kids cookbook, it is amazing! Click here to view more details

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40 Responses to Best ever Carrot Cake recipe

  1. Barry Friedman

    It’s late at night and I literally can’t wait to make this. Not even sure if I’ll sleep well tonight after reading this. Thank you… Sugar free and Gluten free in Northern CA.

    • Sha

      Oh wow Barry. That is very sweet!

  2. Dr Leanne Winter

    Thanks for another great recipe. Carrot cake is a favourite with my boys so I’m looking forward to giving it a try this weekend.

    • Sha

      Thank you very much Leanne. Great to hear from you. Enjoy cooking the cake, I’m sure the boys will enjoy eating it!

  3. Gemma

    Fabulous cake Sha! Love it! So moist, tasty and very easy to make. Thanks 🙂

    • Sha

      Hey Gemma. I’m glad you’ve been able to enjoy it already! Thanks!!!

  4. Giselle

    Just wondering if I can swap the native with dextrose?

    • Sha

      Hello Giselle. Yes you can

  5. Giselle

    Thanks for the reply! The cake is currently cooling on the bench…I cannot wait! My frosting is really runny (it’s been in the fridge a few hours) should I add more cream cheese?

    • Sha

      Hello Giselle. Yes, I’d add more cram cheese and whip it up a bit longer. Different brands of coconut cream are different consistency, it shouldn’t be that runny though. I used 250g cream cheese and 1 cup coconut cream. I hope it is delicious!

  6. silvia

    hello! Can you tell me what is natvia? I can not find the translation to spanish and I want to do this cake 🙂
    Thanks for your response or suggestions

    • Sha

      Hello Silvia. Natvia is spoonable Stevia. A natural sweetener. Enjoy xoxSha

  7. Kelly

    I made this tonight. Cake texture that moist that it seems under cooked? Had it in oven for 2 Hours too. Is that the way it’s suppose to be?

    • Sha

      Hello Kelly. It is a very wet cake because of the butter and the carrots plus grain free too. It is very wet when still hot (melty butter) but once cooled it is no longer as wet. I love it both hot and chilled. How is it looking now?

  8. David

    Hi, is it ok to use stevia with this as thats im used too?

    • Sha

      Hello David

      Natvia is a brand of spoonable (blended) Stevia powder. of course you can use Stevia in stead, just remember to convert if you are using the concentrated type as of course far less is required in this case. Thanks

  9. isabel

    what can i substitute for coconut cream? hopefully something less calorie dense

  10. Maya

    This cake looks amazing! Definitely going to make it when I get the time 😉

  11. abhinav

    I am a lead cake designer at cake2you and i made this recipe for one of our oldest client. He i 90 years old Man but is crazy for cakes, so we offered him this carrot cake and he loved it very much. Thanks for putting in this recipe online.

  12. Debs

    Hi there. Just made this into two log tins. Currently in the oven. Just wondering how long I should cook them for since there are two separate ones? I thought maybe an hour?

    • Sha

      Sorry for late reply. Check them at an hour, of course you are right, smaller tins equals shorter cooking time. Hope it worked out nicely for you!

      • Debs

        Thanks, I cooked them for 25 mins on 170, then 33 mins on 180, turned out great – nice and moist

        • Sha

          Awesome. Thanks for the update

  13. Lynsey

    Hi Sha, this cake is beautiful! I didn’t have the walnuts so I the walnuts so substituted with 1 cup of coconut flour (with my fingers crossed) and it turned out delicious. Is that the quantities you would choose?
    I will definitely be making this one again 🙂

  14. Alli


    Do you think this recipe will be okay if I use a muffin tin?

    • Sha

      Hi Alli. Yes this cake works well in muffin tins. I think it makes about 18 muffins

  15. Kushla Chadwick

    Can I use honey instead of Stevia or will it be too wet?

    • Sha

      Honey will work too but it is not fructose free. If you love honey try to use Manuka, organic or raw as they are most nutrient. Thanks

      • Kushla Chadwick

        Cool! Thank you. I have raw honey in my cupboard. I’m about to try this recipe now … in cupcake size!

  16. karen

    If using macadamia oil instead of butter, do you use the same quantity?

    • Sha

      Hi Karen. I do in this recipe but some recipes call for slightly less macadamia oil than butter

  17. Fiona Hill

    I’ve just made this cake and it’s been baking for 50 minutes at 170C. It is really dark brown on top. Is it supposed to be this dark? I’ve put in a toothpick and it came out clean – is it cooked enough? Did a mini cupcake version to test and it tasted nice (not burnt)

  18. Jodi

    I made this today. My sister found your recipe. For someone whose been sugar free for over a year, I needed cake, and did I get it! Thanks so much for the recipe that was 100% fool-proof. I loved every bite, and actually ate it for dinner.

    • Sha

      Thanks Jodi – it is a pretty great dinner, protein, veg, fiber, healthy fats, YUM

  19. Pamela

    I’m baking this in the uk and I haven’t access to the natural sweeteners you mentioned. If I were to use honey instead, what type and how much would I need? And what should I do about the frosting? Thanks so much, Pamela

    • Sha

      Hello Pamela, in supermarkets you can use truvia which is that same as Natvia (Blended Stevia granules) honey is a great substitute for Rice Syrup however honey contains fructose and a higher natural sugar content so keep to a minimum, thanks for your message

  20. Jen

    Looks amazing….excuse my ignorance…what’s Nalvia?? x

  21. Jen

    Ignore my last comment…I misread the word lol….now I know what Natvia is 🙂

  22. Marie

    If I omit the coconut cream will it still work or can I replace it with something different? and what do you mean carrots (1 used 4 large)

  23. Marie

    Sorry, up late cooking. I read your (I) as the number one.

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