Amazing Sugar Free Cheesecake recipe

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This incredibly delicious unbaked Sugar Free Cheesecake recipe was create for my husbands Birthday. He loves Cheesecake and this did not disappoint.

This Cheesecake recipe is simply a nut and coconut base topped with strained yoghurt (my easy recipe here) mixed with sugar free custard and whipped cream. It is so light and moorish, it will have you going back for more of this no bake dessert. It is really soft, not a hard gelatin based cake.

Decorated with some seasonal fruit it looks just beautiful and set to impress guests at a dinner part for a healthy dessert, when you look at the picture, don’t you want some too!

A few steps in the recipe but all very easy, let me know how your healthy no bake Cheesecake goes!

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Cheese cakeCheese cakeCheese cakeCheese cakeCheese cake

Amazing Sugar Free Cheesecake

By August 27, 2013

This no bake Cheesecake recipe is simply a nut and coconut base topped with strained yoghurt mixed with sugar free custard and whipped cream. It is so light and moorish

Prep Time : 40 minutes. Cook Time : sets in fridge minutes Yield : a very large Cheesecake Allergens : , ,

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  • You will need to prepare your strained yoghurt in advance, recipe here for this basically you hang 1kg of Sheep's milk or Organic plain yoghurt in muslin in a jug in the fridge for at very least 24 hours (up to 72 hours) and a thick soft cream cheese remains OR you can buy 2 blocks of Cream cheese but it is not quite as nice
  • For the base place all ingredients (not the coconut oil yet) in a food processor and combine on quickly on med / high until the oils start to release from the nuts and coconut, it won't take long in a high powered blender / processor
  • Add the coconut oil (or butter), no need to melt, process until combined
  • Press the mixture into a spring form pan, it should cover the base and the sides
  • Leave in the fridge to harden while you continue with the cheesecake
  • I made this recipe in a thermocooker so if you have a thermomix, bellini, thermochef etc you can make it in there. I also made it in a pan, just as easy but more dishes to clean later!
  • Whip your 400ml of cream (always be careful not to over mix and make butter) in Thermo use butterfly attachment and process for about 30 seconds slow / medium speed - keep an eye - stop when it starts to thicken, alternatively use electric mixers
  • Set whipped cream to the side until the end
  • Add the milk, vanilla, egg yolks, stevia, salt, rice syrup to your cooking jug (no need to wash post whipping cream but remove butterfly hook). Give it a pulse or 2 to combine everything well then set to level 3 for 10 minutes (15 if needed) on 100C, the custard should coat the back of the spoon when its ready. Or using a saucepan whisk together ingredients and simmer on a lowish heat stirring regularly for 10 - 15 minutes
  • While the custard is still warm add in 500g of your prepared labna (what is left in the muslin after straining your yoghurt) OR Cream cheese into jug and process on medium for a few second to combine evenly. Or you can use electric mixers in a large bowl to combine the two for this step
  • Now gently fold in the whipped cream with a spoon (in a large bowl)
  • Pour the lovely creamy yoghurt / custard / whipped cream mix into cheesecake base in the spring form pan
  • Leave in fridge to firm up over night or for a few hours
  • To present the cheesecake as a WOW factor dessert, use seasonal fruit to decorate before serving, I used persimmon thinly sliced and several passionfruit, you could use berries or crushed nuts
  • Keep in fridge and eat left overs at breakfast if you wish (yoghurt, nuts, fruit, eggs, why not!)
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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For more Sugar Free Kids recipes grab the I Quit Sugar Kids cookbook, it is amazing! Click here to view more details

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3 Responses to Amazing Sugar Free Cheesecake recipe

  1. Fiona Simmons

    Hey Sha – I love the look of the base you have used for your Cheese Cake but I am a lemon tart fiend. Do you have a yummy Sha base that you use for baked sweetie treaties?

  2. Sarah Scott

    I finally made this cheesecake and it is delicious. I put passionfruit on top and froze it as between the two of us we would not have been able to eat it all in time. It freezes really well and is actually nice to eat partially frozen on a hot day. The cheesecake was a little soft but I think that may have been because I did not beat the cream enough. The custard is delicious.

    • Sha

      Thanks for the update on freezing it Sarah. Glad you liked it

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