All natural Sugar Free Marshmallow recipe

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If your child craves fluffy little Marshmallow treats with a baby chino, we finally have an easy healthy option for you. No special equipment required for this all natural Sugar Free Marshmallow  recipe.

Gelatine is very healthy to incorporate into diets on a regular basis, great to your insides and for hair, skin and nails too. You may wish to make a double batch.

I’m sorry for the Vegans, I tried to make this Marshmallow recipe with Agar Agar (1 Tbs) instead of gelatine but I could not get enough air into the mix to make it work, perhaps try dissolving the Agar Agar in more liquid on the stove top, I was keen to try it but I’m not a regular user of Agar Agar so sorry I could not make it work as well as the yummy Sugar Free Marshmallow recipe below.

Sugar Free MarshmallowsSugar Free MarshmallowsSugar Free MarshmallowsSugar Free MarshmallowsSugar Free Marshmallows

Fluffy Sugar Free Marshmallows

By July 22, 2013

If your child craves fluffy little Marshmallow treats with a baby chino, we finally have an easy healthy option for you. No special equipment required for this all natural Sugar Free Marshmallow recipe.

Prep Time : 30 minutes. Yield : 30 Allergens : , , , , ,

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  • This is an easy recipe, there are a lot of steps below (yes it is kind of an essay) but I wanted to make this as fool proof as possible so I wrote every detail for you
  • To avoid any errors, this recipe is worth reading through before starting and following closely. Be well prepared and this will be easy!
  • Weigh 150g of fresh or frozen strawberries (no hull)
  • Place strawberries, 1/4 cup coconut water, 2tsp vanilla extract, 2tsp Natvia and 3Tbs Rose water (optional but I bought my 100% rose water at an Asian grocer, it is not expensive) into a small saucepan and start to simmer
  • Meanwhile sift 1Tbs Coconut Flour and 1/2 Tbs Cornflour all over the base of a medium  silicon cake pan, many other cooking pans will also work, if you double the batch a lasagne pan will be a good size. You could spray with coconut oil instead of using the flours if you wish
  • Measure 2.5Tbs gelatine into a small mixing bowl (Standing mixer bowl if you have one) leave the gelatine dry until later
  • Get your electric beaters ready
  • Back to the strawberry mix, stir thoroughly to get as much colour and flavour from the fruit
  • Once it has simmered for a few minutes, strain into another small saucepan, pushing all the fruity colour and flavour through the fine sieve leaving only the pulp behind (pulp can be used on top of yogurt, in muffins or even in a salad dressing)
  • You will now have about 3/4 cup of vibrant red juice, return to heat and bring to the boil then turn it off the heat while you complete the next step
  • Heat up 1/3 cup coconut water until very warm (I did 1 min in microwave) and stir into the gelatine waiting in the small mixing bowl
  • Stir gelatine and coconut water with a spoon until well dissolved, you will have a thick gluey mixture which will get thicker as it cools, ideally you will not let it become solid so move carefully to the next step (if it becomes solid, loosen again by adding a little of the hot strawberry liquid)
  • Quickly reheat the strawberry mix on the stove until it begins to bubble then remove from heat and immediately but very slowly pour down the side of the gelatine bowl while beating the mixtures together with electric beaters on a slow speed
  • Once all incorporated together, increase speed of the beaters to the highest and continue beating for 5-10 minutes
  • Trust me this will work, as the air gets into the liquid, it will become thicker and more pale, it may take a while
  • You will see it becoming thick, stop once the mix forms soft peaks (like egg whites) you want to stop beating while the mix is still a thick liquid, not forming stiff peaks yet
  • Immediately pour / spatula into your prepared pan, ideally it will fold in nicely (if it is a bit stiff, don't worry, taste will be great but shape may be funny!)
  • Do not refrigerate, just leave out for a few hours until set (if desperate 1/2 hour is fine)
  • Once ready to cut marshmallows, have a jar of hot water ready to dip a knife in, a hot slightly wet knife will give you neat lines as it glides right through the marshmallow
  • Dip knife into hot water and glide knife around the outside of the pan, the base should lift easily up like a solid pancake as the bottom is nested in the flour
  • Lift onto a chopping board, continue dipping knife into hot water before each cut and chop marshmallow into your desired size
  • Toss marshmallows through the flour mix left behind in your pan
  • Store in airtight container, no refrigeration required
  • Enjoy xoxSha
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16 Responses to All natural Sugar Free Marshmallow recipe

  1. Kelly

    Hi Sha. Do you think it will taste alight if I just use water instead if coconut water? Loving your recipes!!

    • Sha

      Hello Kelly

      It would work well but you will need some extra sweetness if you use water instead of coconut water. A tablespoon of rice syrup in the hot mix should work well. Thanks for your message!

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  3. Jane

    Awesome recipe, gee the mix sets fast. Mines a bit lumpy but ill be a bit more “on it” next time. I used 1 tbsp natvia and 1 of rice syrup to avoid the stevia after kick.

    • Sha

      Hello Jane. Sounds like a good sub, yum! They don’t have stevia after taste though because only a little bit is used and all the other flavours a help (fruit, vanilla, coconut water). A few of my trials also looked a bit lumpy too, you really do have to stop at soft peaks then move fast to pour / spatula the mix, I’m sure you did, but next time you’ll be even more on to it! Luckily it has no impact on taste xoxSha

  4. Bonnie

    Awesome site! Will be using your recipes as inspiration to clean up my kids parties this year :-) quick question? How long does this keep? Would love to prep some party food in advance so the big day isn’t too stressful! Cheers :-)

    • Sha

      You sound like me, avoiding the rush on party day! Thanks for your message and I’m so glad I’m able to help with healthy party ideas, I’m also so glad you asked about the “shelf life” of the marshmallows. They only stay fresh for a few days, store them in the fridge to extend to about 4 days. Have a great party! XoxSha

  5. Gemma

    Hi Sha, I just tried these and they worked perfectly! Consistency great but a bit bitter. I had vanilla extract concentrate so halved but maybe needed more. And no rose water. Maybe some rice syrup might help… The hot mixture was really nice though. Any ideas? Thanks for recipe!!

    • Sha

      Hi Gemma. I know exactly what you mean. I recipe tested these so many times and the hot mix was awesome then the end result still had the stevia or gelatin after taste. Rice syrup will be great, when I created this recipe it was out of stock or I would have used it too. The vanilla you used is fine, the rose water taste does remove the funny after taste, so rose water may be worth getting for next time. For me the end result was really good, I hope you can make some that you love too, let me know how you go. I imagine rice syrup will be fab xoxSha

  6. Lianne

    Hi Sha , I am planning to make these this weekend for my daughter who loves babycino’s. Where do I find coconut flour ? Is it a health food store product? I have never seen it in the shops.
    Thank you for your recipes! Do you have a book for sale?
    L :)

    • Sha

      Hello Lianne

      Enjoy making the marshmallows. Coconut flour is available at healthfood shops or Asian grocers. It seems expensive but it’s only ever needed in small amounts. If you can’t find it using cornflour only will work for coating the marshmallows

      I’m really glad you like my recipes, no book for sale yet.

      Enjoy xoxSha

  7. Michelle Tan

    hi, sha. is the coconut water and the coconut flour sweetened? besides, how much of rice syrup can i add? is rice syrup same as malt syrup? at which step should i add in? sorry for stupid questions, i really wish to make this for my hyper nephew. does the marshmellow taste sweet as the normal marshmellow? thanks

    • Sha

      Hello Michelle

      The coconut flour and coconut water I use are not sweetened but are quite naturally sweet in taste with very low natural sugar content. You can add some rice syrup in if you like, into the hot pan step. Rice Syrup and rice malt syrup are the same, just different brands. This recipe does taste a lot like a normal marshmallow, not identical and probably not as sweet, but a great healthy substitute.

  8. Sah

    Hi Sha :) Just wondering how you would make these as vanilla marshmallows? My girls aren’t fans of berries lol

    • Sha

      Hi Sah. Yes absolutely. I have done that. Just use enough coconut water to ensure you have the final measurement of hot liquid and plenty of vanilla to taste. They are much quicker to make as vanilla marshmallows.

  9. Jodie

    Hi sha I am really keen to have these for my daughters birthday this weekend but I only have a thermie – no electric beaters. Because I can’t see it making peaks or getting thicker I have been beating for over 10 mins not on very highest setting though to start with (as I was worried about hot liquid). Can you make these in the thermie?

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